Monday, July 20, 2009

Ecumenism 101

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I'm leading a workshop for the Beeson Pastors School on the theme "Ecumenism 101," rooted in material from one of the chapters of my forthcoming book Ecumenism Means You, Too. Here's the workshop description from the Pastors School brochure:

"By all accounts, the modern ecumenical movement is not moving much these days. Despite dramatic breakthroughs in the past few decades, the quest for a visibly united church now meets with indifference by many, impatience by some and outright hostility by others--often because its nature and goals have been misunderstood. Come learn about the biblical basis and recent history of the ecumenical movement, and what you can do to shape its future."

1 comment:

  1. I hope many pastors take advantage of this opportunity to learn about ecumenism from someone in the trenches of the movement, so to speak. Please let us know of any good discussions that arise from the workshop.

    BTW, I love the chapel at Beeson. That's a great picture.