Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WCC Faith & Order director previews Crete meeting (audio interview)

Anglican theologian Dr. John Gibaut from Canada, director of the World Council of Church Faith and Order Commission, explains why anybody with an interest in what churches consider to be their mission in the world and how they come to decisions on theological, ecumenical or moral questions should look forward with some excitement to the 7-13 October 2009 meeting of the Faith and Order Plenary Commission in this audio interview linked from the WCC web site (click on each question to hear Dr. Gibaut's response):

How significant is the upcoming meeting of the Faith and Order Plenary Commission in Crete?

What is on the agenda of this meeting?

At what other issues will the commission be looking?

Can you give some examples of the moral discernment issues to be studied?

Can you say some more about the membership of the Faith and Order Commission?

What does "Faith and Order" actually stand for?

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