Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paul Fiddes on "Baptists and Receptive Ecumenism"

Following up on a previous post on "receptive ecumenism" as a promising paradigm for ecumenical engagement: British Baptist theologian Paul Fiddes of Regents Park College, University of Oxford, presented a paper on "Baptists and Receptive Ecumenism" at a conference on Receptive Ecumenism: The Call to Ecumenical Learning at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Cadogan Street, Chelsea, UK in November 2007, later published in revised and expanded form in the journal Louvain Studies 33, no. 1-2 (2008). The Society for Ecumenical Studies has made the text of the published article available online in PDF (click on hyperlinked title above).


  1. Steven thanks for this. This was a paper i had not been able to get access to (although I guess I could have just asked Paul as we are both at Regent's). I also enjoyed the paper you sent me and found your argument about engaging more actively with ecumenical theology in our systematic theology persuasive.

  2. Andy,

    You're welcome, and many thanks for the kind words re my article.