Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ecumenism Means You, Too endorsements

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“… at once profound and straightforward, deeply reflected yet highly accessible, theologically rich yet directly practical… a source of wisdom to be absorbed into the life-blood of each of our widely differing communities for their mutual enrichment… a superbly inviting and practical manifestation of what has come to be referred to as Receptive Ecumenism.”

—Paul D. Murray, Durham University, UK

“Whether you are passionate about, disappointed by, or indifferent to the church: if you love God, you need this book. Harmon shows you why mutual tolerance is not the unity that Jesus desired for his Body, and he gives you the tools to start knitting back together the broken pieces of the church—so the world might believe. This little book should be the marching orders for every Christian!”

—Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, Institute for Ecumenical Research, Strasbourg, France

“Few books on the ecumenical movement are as readable, and I would wager none has as appealing a soundtrack. Harmon invites us to strive for the hope of fuller visible unity with sisters and brothers in Christ not by ignoring denominational differences, but by acknowledging what divides us while refusing to settle for division. The ‘Ten Things You Can Do for the Unity of the Church’ list alone is worth the price of the book.”

—Beth Maynard, co-editor of Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog

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