Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pro Ecclesia--Spring 2010 issue

Pro Ecclesia has long been my favorite theological journal. The Spring 2010 issue that recently arrived (I was a little late with my subscription renewal) reminded me why that's been the case. The articles in this issue exemplify the sort of ecclesially engaged theological exploration that the church desperately needs from its theologians: Sarah Hinlicky Wilson on "Tradition, Priesthood, and Personhood in the Trinitarian Theology of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel"; C. Clifton Black on "Trinity and Exegesis"; John R. Meyer on "The Metaphysics of Divine Self-Donation"; and Philip H. Pfatteicher on "Some Early and Later Fathers on the Visitation of the Sick." Sarah Hinlicky Wilson's reflections on the arguments of lay Orthodox theologian Elisabeth Behr-Sigel for the ordination of women to the Orthodox priesthood are especially intriguing, and I intend to highlight them in a separate blog post in the near future.

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