Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ecumenical institutions and organizations--Institute for Ecumenical Research

Continuing a series of posts calling attention to selected resources featured in Appendix 1, "Resources for Ecumenical Engagement," in Ecumenism Means You, Too: Ordinary Christians and the Quest for Christian Unity (Cascade Books, 2010):

Sponsored by the Lutheran World Federation, the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg, France seeks to bring together scholarly research and service to the churches in three major areas of work: ecumenical research, ecumenical dialogue, and ecumenical communication and reception. The Institute is staffed by full-time research professors, adjunct professors, and visiting professors; maintains a specialized library; and offers an annual Summer International Ecumenical Seminar. The newsletter of the Institute is available online.

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  1. The Institute for Ecumenical Research is truly a place where ecumenism is in the making. The professors are putting their heart into their work and one can feel that ecumenical learning is not just on the agenda, it is alive in a positive way. I once attended a summer seminar. It was a true learning expereince and a motivation to keep on working for the unity of the Chruch as Jesus Christ desires it.