Friday, November 18, 2011

Ecclesial theology at the AAR

With the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion beginning in San Francisco tomorrow, it's worth noting that the sort of "ecclesial theology" highlighted by this blog--"theology done in, with, and for the church--in the midst of its divisions, and toward its visible unity in one Eucharistic fellowship"--still has a presence within the AAR, as exemplified by the Ecclesiological Investigations program unit. The program for the three Ecclesiological Investigations sections at this year's meeting follows below.

A19-213 Ecclesiological Investigations Group
Michael Attridge, University of Saint Michael’s College, Presiding
Theme: Ecclesiology and Church Law: Ecumenical Investigations

Sandra Mazzolini, Pontificia Universita Urbaniana, The Code of Canon Law: The Dark Side of Ecclesiology?

Joshua Davis, Vanderbilt University, On Law and Reception: Ladislas Orsy in Dialogue with Richard Hooker

Scott MacDougall, Fordham University, Questioning “Communion”:  Eschatological Ecclesiology and the Angelican Covenant Debate

Andrew Pierce, Trinity College, Dublin, Policing Koinonia: Anglicanism’s Managerial Turn

Business Meeting: Gerard Mannion, University of San Diego, Presiding

A20-284 Ecclesiological Investigations Group
Julie Clague, University of Glasgow, Presiding
Theme: Ecclesiology and Islam: Comparative Explorations in Religion and Community

Joshua Ralston, Emory University, The Comeback of Christendom?: Political Ecclesiology and the Challenge of Muslim Immigration

Jakob Wiren, Lund University, The Consummation of the Community: Eschatological Perspectives on the Umma and the Church with Regard to the Religious Other

John O’Brien, University of San Diego, MuslimChristian Interfaith Encounter in Pakistan

Miroslav Volf, Yale University, Allah: A Christian Response

Responding: Mona Siddiqui, University of Glasgow

A21-114 Ecclesiological Investigations Group and Wesleyan Studies Group
Peter De Mey, Catholic University, Leuven, Presiding
Theme: What is Distinctive about Methodist Ecclesiology?

Robert Martin, Saint Paul School of Theology, Toward a Wesleyan Sacramental Ecclesiology

Miriam Haar, Yale University and Trinity College, Dublin, Ecumenical Dialogue on Apostolicity with Churches of the Wesleyan Traditions: A Promising Chaos?

Justus Hunter, University of Dayton, Toward a Methodist Communion Ecclesiology

Kenneth B. Wilson, Canterbury Christ Church University and Chichester University
Russell E. Richey, Emory University

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