Friday, December 21, 2012

Musings on theodicy after Sandy Hook

My blog post "In good company (or, the futility of theodicy)" appears today on the ABPnews Blog hosted by Associate Baptist Press. Next week I'll post the full text here on Ecclesial Theology. In the meantime, here's an excerpt:

It was the innocence of the twenty youngest victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, all the ages of my son and his first-grade classmates, which made this latest mass shooting most enduringly haunting.

Their innocence also underscores the incapacities of the major approaches to theodicy for offering a satisfying resolution to the tension between Judeo-Christian affirmations of the goodness and omnipotence of God on the one hand and the ongoing existence of evil and suffering in God’s world on the other... (read the full post on the ABPnews Blog)

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