Friday, October 4, 2013

Baptists and Classical Christian Worship--podcast interview

Previous posts on Ecclesial Theology have called attention to the new book Gathering Together: Baptists at Work in Worship edited by Rodney Wallace Kennedy and Derek C. Hatch and an Associated Baptist Press story exploring issues raised by the book. Yesterday (October 3, 2013) the talk radio program Issues, Etc. (with Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod associations) posted an hour-long podcast interview with book editors Kennedy and Hatch. It's fascinating and informative listening that provides insight beyond the book into what it means to implement worship grounded in liturgical catholicity in flesh-and-blood Baptist communities.

Listen to the interview "Baptists and Classical Christian Worship" either in online streaming format or as an mp3 download. (Disclaimer: my recommendation of this interview in no way constitutes an endorsement of any of the commentaries or advertisements in the interludes between segments of the interview.)

For what it's worth, a couple of delightful features of the interview with differing levels of significance: my gratifying discovery that Dr. Hatch is opening many of his classes at Howard Payne University--my undergraduate alma mater and the place where my academic theological pilgrimage that led to my present work began--with acts of worship from the Daily Office and structuring his Christian Doctrines course around the framework of the Apostles' Creed (and that First Baptist Church in Brownwood, Texas where he is a member has engaged in a congregational study of the Apostles' Creed and has recited it in worship), and the use of a little Coldplay as bumper music in the interview.

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