Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Sources of Light: Resources for Baptist Churches Practicing Theology contents

Here's what's inside Sources of Light: Resources for Baptist Churches Practicing Theology, ed. Amy L. Chilton and Steven R. Harmon, which releases from Mercer University Press on May 1. 

Read about and order the book at https://www.mupress.org/Sources-of-Light-Resources-for-Baptist-Churches-Practicing-Theology-P1052.aspx.

1          Introduction: Imagining Radical Baptist Practices of Local Church Theology
            Steven R. Harmon and Amy L. Chilton

Part I

2          Light from Liberative Theologies
            Amy L. Chilton
3          Light from Black Theologies
            Noel Leo Erskine
4          Light from Hispanic/Latin@ Theologies
Nora O. Lozano
5          Light from Asian Theologies
            Atola Longkumer
6          Mistaking White for Light: Awakening to a Truthful Search for the Light
Mikael N. Broadway
7          Light from Modern and Contemporary Women’s Religious Experiences
Courtney Pace
8          Light from Feminist Theologies
Susan M. Shaw
9          Light from Womanist Theologies
Khalia J. Williams
10         Light from LGBTQ+ Lives
Cody J. Sanders
11         Light from Refugee and Immigrant Perspectives
May May Latt
12         Light from People with Disabilities
Jason D. Whitt
13         Light from Interreligious Sources
Raimundo C. Barreto, Jr.
14         Light from Ecological Theologies
Rebecca Horner Shenton

Part II

15         Light from Ancient Confessions of Faith
            Curtis W. Freeman
16         Light from Pre-Reformation Women’s Theological Contributions
Kate Hanch
17         Light from the Confessions of the European Reformations
Rady Roldán-Figueroa
18         Light from Baptist Confessions of Faith
            Stephen R. Holmes
19         Light from Catholic Magisterial Sources
Coleman Fannin
20         Light for Navigating Moral Disagreement
Myles Werntz
21         Light from Saintly Sources
Derek C. Hatch
22         Light from Traditional Liturgical Sources
Philip E. Thompson
23         Light from Contemporary Liturgical Sources
Jennifer W. Davidson
24         Light from/for Ecumenical Convergence
            Steven R. Harmon
25         Conclusion: Light from Converted Listening
            Amy L. Chilton and Steven R. Harmon

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