Thursday, October 7, 2021

New book—Baptists, Catholics, and the Whole Church

My new book Baptists, Catholics, and the Whole Church: Partners in the Pilgrimage to Unity has been released by New City Press. Here's the book description from the publisher:

Within the whole church, Baptists and Catholics might seem to be ecclesiological and liturgical polar opposites. The two traditions are arguably more dissimilar from one another than each is from almost any other Christian tradition. Yet as veteran Baptist ecumenist Steven R. Harmon demonstrates in this book, they share much in common that can enable them to travel together as fellow pilgrims on the journey toward a more visibly united church. Baptists, Catholics, and the Whole Church: Reflections on the Pilgrimage to Unity challenges Baptists, Catholics, and other Christians to envision their own patterns of faith and practice as included in the convergences it presents and to dedicate themselves to deeper involvement in the quest for the unity Jesus prayed his followers would manifest.

And here's the table of contents:


Foreword (Fr. John Crossin, OSFS)


1. From Anti-Catholicism to Fellow Pilgrims

2. What Do Baptists and Catholics Have in Common?

3. How Baptists Receive Gifts of Catholic (and catholic) Christianity

4. Ecumenical Healing of Ecclesial Memories

5. The Cruciformity of Communion

6. Unity as Christ’s Victory and Our Task


1. Envisioning the Whole Church

2. Moral Discernment with the Whole Church


Index of Names and Subjects

If you're interested in ordering the book, here are some sources:

New City Press:

Amazon (USA):

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Parasource (Canada):

Amazon (UK):

The Book Depository (UK and much of Europe):

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Booktopia (Australia):

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