Monday, July 9, 2012

The eschatology of 'Young Love'

Today the ABPnews Blog published my post The Eschatology of 'Young Love'. I'll post the full text here later this week. In the meantime, a couple of teaser excerpts:

...A good part of what attracts me to the music of both U2 and Mat Kearney, stylistically disparate though they are, is the eschatological framework that makes their art a Christian rendering of the world....

...For those who have ears to hear, Kearney tells the truth of Christian eschatology on his current album Young Love (2011), his third major label release. Despite what the title may suggest, it’s not a collection of maudlin love ballads. Young Love is about the eschatology of relationships....

Read the full post on the ABPnews Blog.


  1. Hi Dr. Harmon. I'm at Beeson for my first seminar in the D.Min program. It's a bummer we couldn't meet up again. Best wishes at Gardner Webb.

  2. Thanks, Eugene, and blessings on your studies. Please give your seminar professors my greetings.