Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'Mad Men' as an exploration of human fallenness

Every now and then I engage in a little theological reflection on expressions of popular culture. My guest commentary "'Mad Men' as an exploration of human fallenness" for ABPnews/Herald is one such excursion.

Here's an excerpt from the opening:

“I keep wondering: have I broken the vessel?”

Don Draper’s mid-flirtation confession to his airline seatmate in the April 13 premiere of the seventh (and final) season of the AMC drama Mad Men may prove to be the single most theologically significant line of the series.

Man Men has been rich in material that evokes theological reflection on the human story, for this tale of the excesses of 1960s-era Madison Avenue advertising executives is really an exploration of the fallenness of the human condition.... (read the full article on ABPnews/Herald)

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