Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Baptists and the saints

Icon of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Some previous posts on Ecclesial Theology (especially this one) have encouraged Baptists to cultivate a more intentional practice of commemorating the lives of exemplary Christians who might help us learn what it means to embody the Christian life faithfully. Andy Goodliff, pastor of Belle Vue Baptist Church in Southchurch, Southend on Sea, Essex, U.K., announced today on his blog that the May 2013 issue of the Journal of European Baptist Studies includes an article by Goodliff exploring the possibility of creating a Baptist sanctoral (a calendar of feast days for saints). Goodliff also calls attention to a forthcoming Baylor University Press book by Paul Fiddes, Brian Haymes and Richard Kidd on the theme of Baptists and the communion of saints. I'm encouraged to know of the article and forthcoming book, and I'm looking forward to reading both of them.

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