Friday, June 12, 2009

"Scripture in the Life of the Baptist Churches"--North Carolina connections

A teaser for North Carolina-connected readers regarding the Pro Ecclesia article on "Scripture in the Life of the Baptist Churches" mentioned in the last post: in the subsection on "Scripture in the Worship of Baptist Churches," a table on pp. 195-96 summarizes eight representative patterns of Baptist worship; the eighth column of the table reproduces an order of worship from the fourth Sunday in Advent 2006 at the First Baptist Church of Raleigh. Footnote 27 on p. 197 highlights a Trinitarian congregational response to the reading of Scripture written by former pastor J. Daniel Day (now Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship at Campbell University Divinity School) and still repeated each Sunday by the congregation.

I'll provide the promised definition of "differentiated consensus" from the article's subtitle soon.

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