Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Dei Verbum § 9 in Baptist Perspective"

The current issue of the journal Ecclesiology (vol. 5, no. 3; September 2009) includes my article "Dei Verbum § 9 in Baptist Perspective" (pp. 299-321). Those who have university-related computer access may be able to follow the linked table of contents to access the full text of the article if their institution has an electronic subscription to journals published by Brill. Here's the abstract:

The Vatican II Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation Dei Verbum is replete with affirmations about the nature of revelation and the authority of Scripture which Baptists can affirm, but the seeming equation of the authority of Scripture and tradition in article 9 is a sticking point that must be addressed before proceeding to other points of difference that owe much to differing perspectives on the authority of tradition. A close reading of article 9 highlights points of Baptist disagreement even while revealing some openings for a Baptist appreciation of the trajectory in the development of Catholic teaching on tradition evident in this text. Baptists cannot offer an unqualified endorsement of article 9, but they can find a place within the pattern of theological contestation that produced it. This text with which Baptists cannot unequivocally agree thus points to a larger opening for convergence between Roman Catholics in their practice of conciliar contestation and Baptists in their identity as dissenting catholics.

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