Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Ecumenical Theology and/as Systematic Theology"--full text PDF

With the kind permission of the editors of Ecumenical Trends, I am able to make available here in PDF the full text of my article "Ecumenical Theology and/as Systematic Theology," which was published in Ecumenical Trends 38, no. 9 (October 2009), pp. 6/134-9/137 and 15/143 (click on hyperlinked title).

In connection with which: A few weeks after the article was published, I enjoyed coming across a similar observation about the nature of ecumenical theology in Paul Murray's introductory essay to his edited volume Receptive Ecumenism and the Call to Catholic Learning (Oxford University Press, 2008):

[I]t would have to be acknowledged that the various developments achieved in bilateral dialogues over the last forty years in terms of increased mutual understanding and doctrinal clarification--together constituting some of the best examples of constructive Christian theology in a generation--have only been possible because the long-term participants have been prepared to commit to the challenge of attending closely to another tradition, seeking to gain clearer understanding of it and being open thereby to receiving of the other's particular gifts [p. 13, emphasis added].

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