Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pro Ecclesia reviews Towards Baptist Catholicity--four times over, plus an author's response

The current issue of the theological journal Pro Ecclesia (vol. 18, no. 4; Fall 2009) features "A Book Symposium on Steven R. Harmon's Towards Baptist Catholicity: Essays on Tradition and the Baptist Vision." It includes four articles reviewing the book by two Catholic and two Baptist theologians, along with my author's response:
  • Richard Crane, "Explosive Devices and Rhetorical Strategies: Appreciation for Steven R. Harmon's Towards Baptist Catholicity" (pp. 367-70)
  • Nicholas M. Healy, "Traditions, Authorities, and the Individual Christian" (pp. 371-74)
  • Elizabeth Newman, "Remembering How to Remember: Harmon's Subversive Orthodoxy" (pp. 375-80)
  • Maureen H. O'Connell, "Towards a Baptist (and Roman Catholic) Catholicity" (pp. 381-85)
  • Steven R. Harmon, "Why Baptist Catholicity, and by What Authority?" (pp. 386-92).


  1. Steven, does this mean it is out. The Pro Ecclesia website has not updated their contents pages for Summer or Fall. I only have access to the journal online now and Atla seem to take a long time to upload. The latest edition I can see is Winter 2009. If you have access to these articles on .pdfs i'd be very interested to read. Its great to see such a reknowned journal wrestling with baptist theology

  2. Andy,

    Yes, the issue is out, and I'm afraid the web site maintained by the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology is a little behind on posting issue contents. If you'll send me an e-mail, I'll reply with a PDF of the uncorrected page proof for my author's response. For the review articles I have only the Word manuscripts, which I'm reluctant to send without the authors' permission--but I think they all have PDFs of their page proofs, so it might be worth contacting them.

    Thanks for the nod to TBC in your "Theology Books of the Decade" list. I'm not sure I'd place it there, but then again, "Baptist Theology" may be an uncompetitive category! ;-) Thanks for the inclusion nonetheless.

  3. Dr. Harmon,

    I'm so excited to see your book receiving such a wide hearing! I'm grateful for the year I was able to spend in study with you @ Campbell and I hope we'll cross paths again soon! I saw the new issue of Pro Ecclesia in the library and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with each of the articles!

    Andrew Tatum

  4. Sounds great and congratulations! Too bad my subscription just ran out! I'll have to see if I can re-up or get this some other way.