Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introducing FaithConnectsUs

In the days since the March 15 release of Ecumenism Means You, Too, I've enjoyed new connections with others who have similar hopes for the involvement of "ordinary Christians" in the quest for Christian unity at the grassroots. One of those is with the FaithConnectsUs project. Here's the description of the project on the FaithConnectsUs web site:

As its title indicates, FaithConnectsUs is a web-based tool that seeks to connect ecumencially engaged young adults through awareness, education and relationship. Recently, there has been a resurgence of young adult ecumenical dialogue and activity in the US, North America, and around the world. This includes young adult programs through the US Conference for the World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches-USA, to the grassroots activities of the World Student Christian Federation North American Region and the Young Adult Ecumenical Forum, and many other organizations that have strong young adult ecumenical initiatives such a ECHOS WCC Commission on Youth, Ecumenical Advocacy Days, Sojourners, and others listed in our US and Global Partners section. FaithConnectsUs seeks to connect young adults from all of these different organizations and initiatives through a web-based forum where they can all share news and events, jobs and opportunities, educational resources, personal story and witness, and strategies for activism. It is our belief that we are much better off in dialogue and relationship for the good of the ecumenical movement into the future. We invite all those who are new to the ecumenical movement, as well as engaged ecumenists to use FaithConnectsUs to broaden your own networks, while connecting into the greater body of Christ. We also encourage you to contribute to FaithConnectsUs with news and opportunities, as well as through story and dialogue.

There's also a facebook page for FaithConnectsUs, which kindly referred its fans to Ecumenism Means You, Too recently.


  1. Thanks to Steven R. Harmon for bringing voice to some of the challenges we are facing in our work through New Fire-FaithConnectsUs to re-vitalize local ecumenical engagement and the recognition of the importance of an inter-generational movement!

  2. You're welcome, Shantha. Blessings on your work on behalf of the quest for Christian unity.