Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Associated Baptist Press reviews Ecumenism Means You, Too

In the May 24 Associated Baptist Press story "In New Book, Baptist Prof Draws on U2's Music to Call for Christian Unity," senior news writer Bob Allen introduces ABP readers to Ecumenism Means You, Too: Ordinary Christians and the Quest for Christian Unity. (The "Comments" posted by readers at the end of the article, however, head off in a different direction.)

Interested in reading the book? Order Ecumenism Means You, Too directly from Cascade Books or via Amazon.


  1. Interesting review...and, as you mentioned, very interesting commments. Truthfully, I found some of the comments unfortunate, but they do have the benefit of revealing the kind of suspicion and misinformation that seem to surround the word "ecumenism." It's hard to know whether or not to blame churches for fostering this kind of suspicion or the ecumenical movement for some of its historic missteps. I guess the answer is somewhere in the middle. Regardless, I found your book to be extremely helpful, careful, and thoughtful. It is certainly the kind of ecumenism I'm interested in.

  2. Thanks, Wyman--and my responses to your interview questions are forthcoming, after I get past some end-of-academic-year paperwork.

  3. "Ain't no thing," as they say. Take your time.