Monday, November 14, 2011

"One Baptism: Towards Mutual Recognition" released by WCC

In a post early this year I called attention to my article "'One Baptism": A Study Text for Baptists" (vol. 58, no. 1 [January/March 2011], pp. 9-10) in which I offered a Baptist perspective on what was then the soon-to-be-released final version of the study text "One Baptism: Towards Mutual Recognition" drafted by the Commission on Faith and Order of the World Council of Churches. The WCC has now officially released this document as One Baptism: Towards Mutual Recognition. A Study Text (Faith and Order Paper no. 210; Geneva: World Council of Churches, 2011). I received a copy of the 21-page booklet in the mail last Saturday, and it is now listed as the most recent publication (no. 210) on the list of Faith and Order Official Numbered Publications on the WCC web site. Copies may be ordered directly from WCC Publications, Rte de Ferney 150, P.O. BOX 2100, CH-1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland; e-mail:; Tel. +41 22 791 60 18; Fax. +41 22 798 13 46.

Note: the PDF document currently available on the WCC web site under the title "One Baptism: Towards Mutual Recognition" is a 2006 draft version of the text; the official 2011 publication has been substantially revised. If the WCC makes the official 2011 publication available online, I will call attention to its electronic availability and link the text here at Ecclesial Theology.

Update (January 9, 2012): The final text of "One Baptism: Towards Mutual Recognition" is now available online in PDF on the WCC web site (click on hyperlinked title).


  1. It's available here:

  2. Ming Yeung, many thanks for the information about the availability of the final text of "One Baptis" online. I'll update this post accordingly and make a new post calling attention to its availability.