Thursday, May 24, 2012

Curtis Freeman on Pentecost and Baptist-Pentecostal dialogue

Curtis Freeman
Earlier this month the Religious Herald, a Baptist-related news journal that originated as the newspaper published by and for Baptists in Virginia but now provides news, analysis, and resources for Baptists in the broader mid-Atlantic region, published an opinion column by Curtis Freeman on Baptist-Pentecostal relations in connection with the liturgical feast of Pentecost and in anticipation of the beginning of formal ecumenical conversations between the Baptist World Alliance and representative international Pentecostals later this year. Freeman, Research Professor of Theology at Duke University Divinity School and director of the Baptist House of Studies there, was a member of a BWA delegation to exploratory conversations with Pentecostals last December that recommended the initiation of a formal dialogue. An excerpt from the article follows:

I can’t speak for Pentecostals, but some of us Baptists are so Jesus-centered in our theology and worship that we hardly know what to make of the Holy Spirit. If the Pentecostals can help us to get more Spirit-focused and, as a consequence, more Trinitarian, then it is would be well worth the time and effort. And given the growing number of Pentecostal, Charismatic and Renewalist Christians worldwide, these conversations are crucial for the unity of the Church (John 17:21) and greater participation in the mission of God (Matthew 28:19-20). (read full article)

Update: see also Baptist delegation named for international Baptist-Pentecostal conversations.

Update #2: Associated Baptist Press also published Freeman's opinion commentary on May 25:

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