Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Robert K. Campbell Lectures on Christian Unity theme

Last month I received an invitation to deliver the 2013 Robert K. Campbell Memorial Lectures on Christian Unity sponsored by the Lehigh County Conference of Churches and hosted by DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania on March 12. After mulling over possible directions for the lectures during Christmas break, I've now committed to an overarching theme and topics for the individual lectures:

Theme: The Pilgrim Church and the Ecumenical Future

Lecture 1: "The Dialogical Theology of a Pilgrim Church"

Lecture 2: "Toward a Narrative-Christological Ecclesiology"

I'm honored and humbled to be invited to contribute to this annual lecture series, which has featured such past lecturers as Avery Cardinal Dulles, Gabriel Fackre, Paul Crow, Michael Kinnamon, and Walter Cardinal Kasper.

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