Friday, September 6, 2013

Introducing the Pacific Journal of Baptist Research

I’m pleased to announce that the Pacific Journal of Baptist Research, a peer-refereed journal for which I serve on the Editorial Board, has made the transition from print subscription journal to fully open-access online journal under the leadership of new Senior Editor Myk Habets, who is Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Head of  the Carey Graduate School, and Director of the R. J. Thompson Centre for Theological Studies at Carey Baptist College in New Zealand. While based in New Zealand, the Pacific Journal of Baptist Research has been broadening its scope beyond Australasia to include Baptist and Anabaptist communities in the Pacific Rim nations and beyond. Toward that end, the journal has added American and European representation to its Editorial Board, moved from print to online, and published work of international interest such a recent article on “The baptist Imagination of James McClendon.” I hope readers of Ecclesial Theology will visit the new web site of the journal and read new issues as they are published.

I also hope that scholars working on article-length projects with connections to Baptist studies will consider responding to the call for manuscript submissions. For those so interested, here's some information on the journal and submissions from the PJBR masthead:

The Pacific Journal of Baptist Research (PJBR) is an open-access online journal which aims to provide an international vehicle for scholarly research and debate in the Baptist tradition, with a special focus on the Pacific region. However, topics are not limited to the Pacific region, and all subject matter potentially of significance for Baptist/Anabaptist communities will be considered. PJBR is especially interested in theological and historical themes, and preference will be given to articles on those themes. PJBR is published twice-yearly in May and November. Articles are fully peer-reviewed, with submissions sent to international scholars in the appropriate fields for critical review before being accepted for publication. The editor will provide a style guide on enquiry. All manuscript submissions should be addressed to the Senior Editor:

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