Monday, December 5, 2011

Neville Callam on "Baptists and Church Unity"

My last blog post called attention to a summary of an address on "God's Gift of Unity" by Neville Callam, General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance. The October 2009 issue of The Ecumenical Review, a peer-reviewed journal published by the World Council of Churches, includes an article by Callam on "Baptists and Church Unity" that offers a detailed historical treatment and theological analysis of Baptist perspectives on the modern ecumenical movement and positive Baptist practices of ecumenical engagement. (I am currently working on a chapter on Baptists and ecumenism for the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Ecumenical Studies, and thus far it seems to me that Callam's overview is the best such treatment to date.) Readers of Ecclesial Theology affiliated with institutions whose libraries subscribe to The Ecumenical Review and/or have electronic subscriptions to databases that include Wiley-Blackwell journals will be able to read the full text with accurate pagination (full reference: Neville Callam, "Baptists and Church Unity," The Ecumenical Review 61, no. 3 [October 2009]: 3-4-14). Others can read the text of the article on

This issue of The Ecumenical Review also includes other informative articles about particular Christian traditions and their relation to the ecumenical movement:

by Odair Pedroso Mateus

Baptists and church unity
by Neville Callam

Anglicans and ecumenism
by Sarah Rowland Jones

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